We expect more from our leaders thanks to citizen and stakeholder capitalism.

Together, let’s discover how your company is doing and work out where you need to go - and how to get there.


Citizen and stakeholder capitalism have changed what we expect from leaders – for good.

We are bombarded with strategic business, societal and environmental challenges that no longer relate to the way we used to do things.

You need and want a coach who can help solve many of the pressing issues that have the potential to stall progress, or sabotage a project’s success.

So the coaching playbook has evolved too.

It requires focus and a plan to marry leadership and an organization’s operating system to help both adapt internally alongside external societal and environmental shifts.
We may be advanced technologically, but our thought processes and ability to act fast often remain firmly planted in yesteryear. 
We can work together in a number of ways, but whatever happens, as your coach I will work with you tirelessly to help support, respond to and predict the systems that might sabotage your success. As societal, economic and human behavioural noise and ever-changing environmental newsflashes and evolving regulations combine to make the business landscape harder and more challenging, you need someone who will have your back.

Leadership doesn’t know normal.

Leadership may strive for normalcy or predictability, but when outside forces upset the direction of a company, the leader and their team must understand the reality and adapt. Resilient teams don’t just happen – they go through issue upon issue. They understand the collective goal and collaborate to innovate – or sometimes learn to plain ol’ ride out a crisis.
The “Great Resignation” proved that, as did “Quiet Quitting”. The new recession and economic challenges are here. Carbon neutral goals are upon us. There is a way to move forward with what you have and what you aspire to grow into as an organization. What’s next requires extra leadership intelligence across business, societal and environmental forces. 

Alongside award-winning business coaching associates, I work with leaders in start-up mode, loonshot inventors, digital world-builders and billion-dollar entertainment and pharmaceutical companies to help them all navigate and succeed in a new, never-seen-before era.


Leadership Coaching

Losing sleep is a symptom of not understanding what’s making you, your team, or your organization feel “stuck”. Chances are you need to pivot your strategic or operational approach alongside ever-changing external pressures. Contact me directly to explore how I can help you.

Organizational Workplace Diagnosis

You can swiftly diagnose critical organizational issues for your team to implement, or choose a deep-dive program. We’ll dissect the gap between your business objectives and the societal, business intelligence and environmental challenges preventing developing leaders and their teams from becoming fully operational and successful. Book an exploratory call.

Quarterly Strategic Ingenuity Retreats

As a CEO, when was the last time you had the opportunity to work in a confidential environment to hash out fundamental strategic issues affecting your core business trajectory to meet business or carbon zero goals? Contact me to receive exclusive invitations to these quarterly events.
“Caroline is the ultimate professional and the only one in her league. As a coach she is incredibly effective. She has the ability to deep dive very quickly into the heart of the matter with surgical precision, while being very kind and having a sense of humor about it. As a strategic advisor to HR professionals, her book Elephants Before Unicorns is a must.”

Strategic Transformation Senior Executive,
Google Cloud

Paths to 2030

How Leadership Can Adapt To Create Sustainable Organizations

Businessperson carrying boxes in the street. Image: Adobe Stock

IN ENTREPRENEUR: 3 Things To Do When Layoffs Are Looming

Ethics, brand legacy and treating humans how we’d like to be treated all typically fly out the window when a company is scrambling to save either itself or shareholder confidence during a recession. Often, the impact of cutting employee numbers has consequences far beyond a CEO’s bottom-line goals. Here are three options for ethical leaders when layoffs become your most difficult decision.

By Caroline Stokes

Elephants Before Unicorns: Emotionally Intelligent HR Strategies To Save Your Company

Published by Entrepreneur Press, Sept 24, 2019

You may believe a unicorn will completely transform your company, product, team, culture, revenue potential, and futureability. (Yes, I made that word up.)

Yet here’s a cold hard truth: unicorns won’t solve the problems that already exist in your business. Before the unicorn can affect change, leadership must confront the company’s elephants…


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