Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of senior search headhunters and certified executive
coaches for global innovation leaders.

The headhunting team spends every day dismantling the old recruitment model to deliver the vision you demand. We work on building your employer brand to create a best-in-class candidate experience.

The certified executive coaching team understands the leadership challenges innovation leaders face every day to reach your career, company or market-making vision.

Our Team

Caroline Stokes

Human Capital Developer and Certified Executive Coach

Caroline spent 20+ years with innovation technology leaders (PlayStation, Virgin, Nokia) critiquing hiring practices, onboarding practices, engagement and leadership systems. She spent an additional five years working at a headhunting firm delivering executive level placements at Microsoft, Bethesda, Ziff Davis and Trinity Mirror.

Caroline realized something was missing from the process: a high-touch, compassionate approach that left both the employer and talent closer to their seemingly impossible future.

In 2014, Caroline founded FORWARD with a vision to create a constantly evolving human capital solutions company, with an ethical and humanist headhunting process and executive coaching practice for innovation leaders - so everyone can move forward.

Coaches & Associates

Chiara D’Avanzo

CHRP, M.Sc. Talent Acquisition Strategy Consultant

Chiara is a Talent Acquisition Expert with 12-years of progressive experience helping top employers attract and hire talent, mainly in technology and healthcare sectors. In her view, recruiting talent doesn’t have to be painful.

She partners with businesses that are creating workplaces for the workforce of tomorrow. She also enjoys taking outdated recruitment models and transforming them into the new era. Her approach is straightforward, highly collaborative and effective. Chiara will partner with you to figure out the best ways to win talent for your company’s specific needs.

Recruiting highly specialized talent has become one of the most complex activities for businesses today and status quo just doesn’t work anymore.

Amy Foley

Talent Research & Sourcing

Soon after FORWARD started in 2013, Amy Metherell worked as our #1 undercover sourcer for international talent across VFX, Cloud, Games and mobile.

With an analytical mind, a background in QA and a service oriented virtual assistant style of working (which means everything happens right now), Amy performs fast and accurate talent searches to create critical talent pipelines that shortens the talent analysis and presentation process.

Amy loves the variety of impossible searches at FORWARD and finding the right candidates to ensure talent and organization fit, hand in glove.

Kellen Beck, CEC

Certified Executive Coach. Leadership & Transition

Kellan is our corporate leadership team facilitator and executive coach providing deep assessments to propel you and your teams forward.

For leadership development, Kellan's tools include the Birkman Method®, the LEA360™ leadership assessment, and facilitates team and group discussions—using DISC® assessment.

For career development, Kellan also a Certified Resume Strategist and Certified Interview Strategist.

David Parsons, CHRP, CEC, ACC

Certified Executive Coach. Leadership & Team Development Expert

If you want a coach that eats accountability for breakfast, you need David.

David pushes hard and has a direct, outspoken and intense communication style to create results for his non-entertainment clients.

He can cite most leadership educators in his field and expects you to perform. If you're looking to stretch your comfort zone with a leadership pro that can help you to go beyond your boundaries, ask us about hiring David.

David is also one of our first 90 days transition coaches.

Julie Butcher, MASCL, CEC, PCC

Certified Executive Coach. The team leadership development coach

If you want an energetic leadership coach with experiences in HR and technology, choose Julie to be your leadership and growth coach.

She specializes in leadership development for senior level teams and executive coaching. Julie uses the Strengths Deployment Inventory tool to help your teams learn how to collaborate and innovate - as a team.

Julie is also one of our first 90 days transition coaches.

Mike Stevely, MBA, CEC

Certified Executive Coach. The technology coach

Mike works with technology leaders to help build career leading IT teams.

When you need a technology brain as a coach to surmount innovation leadership challenges, you'll find him to be one of your best secret weapons for advancement.

Mike is also our first 90 days transition coaches especially for software engineers, technical directors and CTO's.

Chandra Drevjany, CHRM

Career Strategist for Innovation Leaders

Chandra is a career strategist for senior talent requiring Resume/CV and LinkedIn profile development, job search coaching, networking strategy and interview preparation.

In today's world, focusing on this area can be left until the last minute when a once in lifetime opportunity presents itself, or a priority when made redundant in today's fast moving and competitive climate.

Help is at hand: Chandra is our go-to career strategy professional to help you get your talent brand ready so you can perform brilliantly in interviews.

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