Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of senior search headhunters and certified executive
coaches for global innovation leaders.

The headhunting team spends every day dismantling the old recruitment model to deliver the vision you demand. We work on building your employer brand to create a best-in-class candidate experience.

The certified executive coaching team understands the leadership challenges innovation leaders face every day to reach your career, company or market-making vision.

Our Team

Caroline Stokes

Human Capital Developer and Certified Executive Coach

Caroline spent 20+ years with innovation technology leaders (PlayStation, Virgin, Nokia) critiquing hiring practices, onboarding practices, engagement and leadership systems. She spent an additional five years working at a headhunting firm delivering executive-level placements at Microsoft, Bethesda, Ziff Davis and Trinity Mirror.

Caroline realized something was missing from the process: a high-touch, compassionate approach that left both the employer and talent closer to their seemingly impossible future.

In 2014, Caroline founded FORWARD with a vision to create a constantly evolving human capital solutions company, with an ethical and humanist headhunting process and executive coaching practice for innovation leaders - so everyone can move forward.

Coaches & Associates

Chiara D’Avanzo

CHRP, M.Sc., Talent Acquisition Strategy Consultant

Chiara is a talent acquisition expert with 12 years of progressive experience helping top employers attract and hire talent, mainly in technology and healthcare sectors. In her view, recruiting talent doesn’t have to be painful.

She partners with businesses that are creating workplaces for the workforce of tomorrow. She also enjoys taking outdated recruitment models and transforming them into the new era. Her approach is straightforward, highly collaborative and effective. Chiara will partner with you to figure out the best ways to win talent for your company’s specific needs.

Recruiting highly specialized talent has become one of the most complex activities for businesses today and the status quo just doesn’t work any more.

Miki Hara

Talent Acquisition & HR Strategy Consultant

Based in London, Miki Hara has been building high-performing teams in the Animation, Games, and Visual FX industries for 18 years.

She has recruited, trained and led creative and technical teams as a graphic artist, and for the past 10 years has mentored, coached and developed Senior Leaders, Producers, Supervisors, Artists, and Engineers as a deeply involved and committed HR & Recruitment leader.

Miki has expertly guided the development of great company cultures by ensuring that candidate and employee experience are held as top priorities at all levels of the organization from first contact, through short and long-term collaboration, to last day and beyond. The relationships she builds with her teams are lifelong and deeply important to her.

Amy Foley

Talent Research & Sourcing

Soon after FORWARD started in 2013, Amy Foley worked as our #1 undercover sourcer for international talent across VFX, Cloud, Games and Mobile.

With an analytical mind, a background in QA and a service-oriented virtual assistant style of working (which means everything happens right now), Amy performs fast and accurate talent searches to create critical pipelines that shorten the talent analysis and presentation process.

Amy loves the variety of impossible searches at FORWARD and finding the right candidates to ensure talent and organization fit, hand in glove.

Nicole Gravagna, PhD


Dr. Nicole Gravagna is a neuroscientist and executive coach. She is the president of NeuroEQ, a management consulting and change management firm. You may know her as the author of MindSET Your Manners or coauthor of Venture Capital for Dummies. She is a contributor to Forbes, Inc., Newsweek, Medical Daily, HuffPost UK, and a three-year Quora Top writer.

After coaching literally hundreds of startup CEOs through the process of raising venture capital, she noticed that money was only a symptom of the real problem. When CEOs were having trouble reaching their goals, the problem was inside them, usually in the form of limiting beliefs.

Now, Nicole coaches executives in huge and small companies alike. She uses neuroscience and behaviour data to inspire successful people to turn their persistent problems into permanent solutions often resulting in exceptional performance.

Rachel Nixon

Digital and Creative Advisor

Rachel is an award-winning digital leader who has shaped the strategic vision for global media brands, honed through two decades’ working online.

She brings a unique combination of international editorial and executive experience at public media organizations – the BBC and CBC – and technology and business expertise from her role as Editor-in-Chief for News and Sports at Microsoft in the US.

Rachel has also held key roles in boundary-breaking journalism startups and recently graduated with honours from the professional photography program at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts.

Whether fine art photography, or digital media brands, Rachel loves being able to use her storytelling skills to build strong connections with others.

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