“More money goes into bureaucratizing the workforce than inspiring the millions of people who turn up to work hoping to be able to do a good job each day. If more organizations paid attention to the lessons of this book, they would find both their work and their lives transformed.”

MARGARET HEFFERNAN, CEO and author of Unchartered and Willful Blindness
By Caroline Stokes

Elephants Before Unicorns: Emotionally Intelligent HR Strategies To Save Your Company

Published by Entrepreneur Press, Sept 24, 2019

You may believe a unicorn will completely transform your company, product, team, culture, revenue potential, and futureability. (Yes, I made that word up.)

Yet here’s a cold hard truth: unicorns won’t solve the problems that already exist in your business. Before the unicorn can affect change, leadership must confront the company’s elephants…



With the world changing around us by the day, socially, politically and economically, elephants will trample harder and unicorns will seem more elusive. Elephants Before Unicorns is your best ally for the hard work ahead.

Ron Carucci_646x680
Ron Carucci Managing Partner, Navalent

In Elephants Before Unicorns, Caroline Stokes does an enlightening job of bringing emotional intelligence to the hiring, onboarding, engaging, developing, and leading aspects of people in organizations.

Steven J. Stein Founder and executive chairman of Multi-Health Systems

In this informed, practical guide Caroline demonstrates how tackling “elephants” or oft-invisible obstacles, while developing emotional intelligence, is critical to success in an AI future. I recommend her book to people leaders who want to lean into their power and shape a future-forward workforce.

Christopher Young_646x680
Christopher Young VP of Entertainment Creation Products, Autodesk

With so much communication happening online rather than face to face, it has never been more important to exercise emotional intelligence. Caroline Stokes' advice is more valuable than ever.

Marlena Corcoran_646x680
Dr Marlena Corcoran Athena Mentor Admissions Counselling

If you haven't done so already, now is the time to gather all HR elephants in the room for a virtual EQ sit-down. Get practical solutions that address major HR challenges — and create a culture that supports honest, collaborative feedback.

Barnard Bahn_646x680
Amii Barnard-Bahn Former Fortune Global 50 Exec

In today’s world of civil unrest and rapid change due to Covid-19, Elephants Before Unicorns is more relevant than ever. Read this book fast, and implement its practical strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Aviva Legatt_646x680
Dr Aviva Legatt College Admissions Consultant and Executive Coach

People are the emotional operating system that powers every successful company. When that system goes down, that malfunctioning usually ties to a lack of emotional intelligence. Caroline Stokes is the master EI technician who has written THE user manual to guide every organization to build and maintain the successful functioning of a people-centric operating system.

Jennifer J. Fondrevay Chief Humanity Officer, Day1 Ready™ M&A Consultancy

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