Elephants Before Unicorns: Emotionally Intelligent HR Strategies To Save Your Company

Elephants before Unicorns book jacketPublished by Entrepreneur Press, Sept 24 2019

You may believe a unicorn will completely transform your company, product, team, culture, revenue potential, and futureability. (Yes, I made that word up.)

Yet here’s a cold hard truth: unicorns won’t solve the problems that already exist in your business. Before the unicorn can affect change, leadership must confront the company’s elephants.

An “elephant” is anything blocking the way of progress. Common elephants include:

  • Pushy, non-personal recruiters
  • Hiring process that’s way too fast
  • Boring, outdated onboarding system
  • Ineffective, inefficient methods for delivering feedback
  • Leaders who don’t take time for strategic thinking
  • Non-inclusive language in the workplace

Until these elephants are addressed, unicorns won’t be able to perform to their utmost abilities. What’s worse — they may leave your company for greener pastures.

In Elephants Before Unicorns, executive coach and headhunter for innovation leaders Caroline Stokes presents a strategy by which leaders may gain control of their elephants and harness the power of their strongest asset — their people.

Her approach is two-pronged: leaders must first enhance their emotional intelligence. Then, they may address the elephants in their path and get to the unicorns on the other side.

In Elephants Before Unicorns, Caroline mines her decades of experience in HR, her expertise as a Certified Executive Coach, and her emotional intelligence training to help you create a better employee experience for your teams.

Move your company forward.

Elephants Before Unicorns: Emotionally Intelligent HR Strategies to Save Your Company is available now from many independent bookstores and the following digital retailers:

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