Episode 1: John Hollon, Recruiting Daily and Caroline Stokes, founder The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter

John Hollon interviews Caroline Stokes on this inaugural episode of Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter. John is the founder of Recruiting Daily and thirty year veteran of the news industry. We discuss the origin of the concept of emotionally intelligent recruiting, managing all sides of the hiring process, and the state of recruiting as it is today.

I’m Caroline Stokes, an emotionally intelligent recruiter and founder of the Undercover Recruiter website. I understand the importance of interpersonal communication and curating the right talent for the right position. Listen in on my conversation with John Hollon to get a sense of emotionally intelligent recruiting and what it takes to make it in the industry.


  • The origin of Caroline’s concept of the EIR
  • Introducing emotionally intelligent managers to stressful industries
  • Coaching managers and candidates
  • Managing the squeaky wheel (whether it’s you or an outside source)
  • Furthering your emotional intelligence
  • Observing how people communicate
  • The state of recruiting
  • The importance of transparency on all sides


“Quite frankly, it’s about the human.” –Caroline Stokes

“If you’re not managing your stress, if you’re not demonstrating flexibility, if you’re not listening actively…that’s not going to work for the long term.” –Caroline Stokes

“When you become an emotionally intelligent recruiter, you are actually able to…get a sense from the data…how they behave.” –Caroline Stokes


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The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter