Episode 11 Claire McTaggart Founder of Squarpeg

Claire McTaggart, is the founder of SquarePeg, an online recruiting website that seeks to make job matching more precise. Claire and I discuss the in’s and out’s of SquarePeg and how its use of algorithms may affect the future of recruiting.


Claire McTaggart got her start in business, but spent four years working as a hiring manager. Her time in HR was the inspiration for the SquarePeg model. Listen in as we discuss smarter recruitment.




  • How jobseekers can be considered by SquarePeg
  • How the SquarePeg assessment helps jobseekers find their field
  • How matching works at SquarePeg
  • What SquarePeg’s method means for recruiters
  • Three tips for recruiters




“There’s a level of honesty…because it is algorithm-based matching.” -Claire McTaggart

“There’s a lot of softer data that really matters…that’s not being focused on by a lot of other startups…” -Claire McTaggart

“I think…for external recruiters, it’s much more about ‘how can I make my process more data driven and repeatable.’ ” -Claire McTaggart






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