Episode 12 David Cory Founder of The Emotional Intelligence Training Company

David Corey, founder of the Emotional Intelligence Training Company, talks about the inception of the idea of emotional intelligence and the importance of honing interpersonal skills.


David is a leadership performance consultant specializing in individual and organizational performance improvement. He works with people on companies on improving their EI skills. He has some great advice regarding authentic communication in the workplace which will prove invaluable to recruiters.




  • EI is the “scientification” of people skills
  • Why smart people do dumb things
  • What makes an effective leader
  • The inception of the concept of EI
  • How stress impacts performance
  • Assessing what is in your control
  • The power of authentic communication
  • Three tips for recruiters




“Isn’t it interesting…that our school systems do not consistently…develop people to know and understand how they operate and to connect with others better.” -David Corey


“IQ…doesn’t help us to explain all of human behavior.” -David Corey


“Everything we do, pretty much, is viewed through an emotional lens.” -David Corey





Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter