Episode 14 Harvey Deutschendorf The EI Guy

Harvey Deutschendorf, EI coach and author, shares his thoughts about honing your listening skills and accepting constructive criticism in order to improve your EI quotient.


Harvey Deutschendorf is not only an EI coach, but a certified administrator of the Reuven Bar-On model of emotional and social Intelligence, the only EI model approved by the American Psychiatric Association. To learn more about Harvey and his work, listen in as we discuss the importance of truly listening and why EI can be more important than IQ.




  • The definition of EI
  • EI gone wrong
  • Examples of micro-emotional transgressions
  • Honing listening skills
  • Managing your emotions and accepting feedback
  • Using feedback and adapting
  • Why EI is more important than IQ




“It’s very, very important in an organization for management to be aware of their emotions; to be honest and direct.” – Harvey Deutschendorf


“It’s really about managing your emotions under pressure…” -Caroline Stokes


“Not all feedback is given with an intent to help people grow…but we have to know the difference.” – Harvey Deutschendorf




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Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter