Episode 16: James Grant, founder of Weavee

James Grant, founder of Weavee, discusses the new technology that drives Weavee, the current state of recruiting, and what is on the horizon for HR.


James Grant created Weavee, which uses “people analytics” that helps companies more accurately determine what type of talent best fits their organization. James and I chat about this new technology and how it will improve the future of recruiting.




  • Explaining the idea behind Weavee
  • Why larger orgs with more data are easier to work with
  • Gamifying recruiting
  • Why hiring off of a CV can be problematic
  • What psychometrics help to determine
  • The big five methodology
  • Weavee’s successes
  • The future of recruiting
  • Three tips for recruiters




“The companies with more data, we can provide more concrete evidence.” -James Grant


“One of the traits that we measure…is anger. It’s a good way of understanding what a person’s…reaction would be…” -James Grant


“The average time to hire anyone these days is around three months and I find that a painstaking process. “ -James Grant





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