Episode 18: Nicole Leighton, Talent + Leadership Program Coach for Tech + Creative leaders

Nicole Leighton, a talent and leadership program coach for tech and creative leaders, is on today’s episode to discuss how to establish solid working relationships, evolving in order to produce better results, and how to work in a partnership.


Nicole Leighton is a talent ecosystem consultant who has worked in a variety of fields for a number of different companies. Though she started out in finance, she made the shift to working in both tech and creative fields. She uses her experiences working at the Australian Stock Exchange, Disney, and Sony Pictures to give us some perspective on recruiting for creative fields.




  • How Nicole’s career in recruitment began
  • Establishing credibility to create a good working relationship
  • Working in a partnership
  • Adapting your methods to get better results
  • Making the jump from EA Games to Disney
  • Recruiting in the gaming/tech industry
  • The importance of trust
  • Three tips for recruiters




“You have to function in partnership…you have to feel like you have enough of an understanding and a continuous dialogue in order to…try to hire the best people.” -Nicole Leighton


“A really successful headhunter is going to nurture the relationship, so that they understand the needs of a particular search that comes their way, but also understand what isn’t said.” -Nicole Leighton


“In every coaching relationship…you want to design the relationship to maximize trust as quickly as possible…” -Nicole Leighton




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