Episode 19: Bryan Falchuk, author of Do A Day and contributor to Inc.com

Bryan Falchuk, author and Inc.com contributor, joins me to discuss the similarities between the insurance and recruitment industries and how important it is to adapt in one’s career.


Bryan Falchuk is the author of Do a Day and a leader in the insurance industry when it comes to helping businesses adapt to AI. His main focus is getting people and businesses to adapt to change quickly. Join us as we uncover the source of his motivation and personal philosophy.




  • The inspiration for his article
  • How to not only survive, but thrive
  • Embracing humanness
  • The potential for reinvention
  • Bryan’s philosophy and how it developed
  • Not punishing yourself for missteps
  • Being adaptable in your life and career




“They’re actually looking at their humanness as their weakness…” -Bryan Falchuk


“One of our core values is to be human.” -Bryan Falchuk


“The grass is not greener anywhere: Everyone struggles.” -Bryan Falchuk





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