Episode 2: Jorgen Sundberg – The Undercover Recruiter

Jorgen Sundberg CEO of Undercover Recruiter and Link Humans discusses his start in the industry, his pivot towards consultancy, and where he thinks recruitment is headed.


Mr. Sundberg’s book, Employer Advocacy: The Ultimate Handbook is all about how to use your workforce to elevate your brand. Having worked in the recruitment industry since 2002, Mr. Sundberg has a lot of knowledge to share regarding curating talent and branding. Since he has moved from headhunting into this offshoot of the recruitment industry, we cover topics that may be revelatory for some listeners. Join us as we dig deep on the recruitment industry.




What propelled him from day-to-day recruiting to curating talent and branding

When Jorgen realized he wanted to pivot his profession

The mission of Link Humans

The biggest challenge for recruiters in the coming year

Refining your recruitment skills

Internal HR vs Recruiters




“…No one’s a little boy or a little girl…telling their mom or their dad that they’re going to be a headhunter when they grow up…you accidentally slip into recruitment.” -Jorgen Sundberg


“I wanted to go to the actual root of a challenge.” -Jorgen Sundberg


“The end goal must be to make [the workplace] a better place.” -Jorgen Sundberg




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