Episode 21: Frida Polli, CEO and Co-founder Pymetrics

Frida Polli joins me today to talk about what AI can provide to the recruiting industry and why it will never replace human HR workers.

Frida is the CEO and Co-Founder of Pymetrics, AI technology that seeks to improve the hiring process on both sides of the experience. She is an award-winning Harvard and MIT Neuroscientist, who uses her knowledge to help improve interpersonal relations and hiring practices. Frida has such a unique background and thus offers great new insights into HR.


  • The mission and method of Pymetrics
  • Using machine learning to predict outcomes
  • Dynamic models vs. static models
  • The benefits of multi-modal assessments
  • Why AI won’t replace humans
  • How Pymetrics helps deliver feedback to jobseekers
  • Where Pymetrics is headed in the future
  • One big tip for recruiters


“It’s really a collective technology that gets used by the cognitive neuroscience community and it has been developed over the last two decades.” –Frida Polli

“Ignoring either the cognitive or the emotional…it’s just limiting yourself…I think the data proves this out.” –Frida Polli

“…These tools are certainly not going to put recruiters out of business, they’re going to elevate their role to doing more high-value activities…” –Frida Polli



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