Episode 22: Andrew McIlvaine, Senior Editor of Human Resource Executive Magazine and Co-Chair of Recruiting Trends + Talent Tech conference

Andrew McIlvaine, the Senior Editor of Human Resource Executive Magazine is my guest today. He has a lot to say about AI versus “old school” methods of recruiting, as well as how company culture can affect the hiring process.

If you want to see Andrew McIlvaine in person, you can meet him at the Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech Conference, of which he is a co-chair. With his thorough experience in the industry, can be considered an expert on the current state of the recruiting industry and the future that lies ahead. Listen in and learn from Andrew’s insightful commentary.


  • How AI is reshaping recruiting
  • Going old-school and forming real connections
  • How hiring various between small and large companies
  • How leadership effects culture and hiring
  • How to encourage recruiters to work from the bottom, up
  • Things to expect at the Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech Conference


“So, there it’s important for the recruiter to demonstrate curiosity, detective skills and really being…very human in their approach.” -Caroline Stokes

“Many companies are trying to get better, but often it still seems to be the case that you’re sending your stuff off into a black hole.” -Andrew McIlvaine

 “I think it comes down to effective leadership. The people we profile in our magazine…they do a really good job of understanding the challenges that people in different parts of the organization are going through…” -Andrew McIlvaine


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