Episode 27: Erin Wilson, co-founder Hirepool.io

Erin Wilson, the co-founder of Hirepool.io is my guest on this episode. He uses his in-depth knowledge of the candidate experience to give us insight into the recruiting industry and where it is headed in the future.

Before founding Hirepool, Erin has also worked for companies like Yahoo and Brightroll. In speaking with him, his passion for the candidate came through; his vision and dedication truly took my breath away. Listen for some really great insight into the present state of the recruiting industry and the future of recruiting itself.


  • How Erin got his start in recruiting
  • Experience working both internal and external recruiting
  • The importance of ROI
  • Getting honesty, feedback, and partnership
  • Predictions for the changing recruiting landscape
  • Who the Power Recruiter is going to be in the future
  • Necessary attributes and tools needed in the future
  • Referrals as a sourcing function
  • Erin’s current career path
  • HIrepool.io’s mission
  • Describing Hirepool’s workflow for users


“It’s as simple as being extremely thoughtful…” -Erin Wilson

“For a long time, we’ve had one role in the eco-system…we gotta’ evolve…” -Erin Wilson

“If you don’t know how to interpret the…requirements…then it’s just not going to work out.” -Caroline Stokes


Hirepool (Access key: EQ-231)


Erin on Twitter

Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter