Episode 29: Laura Putnam, author of Workplace Wellness That Works and CEO of Motion Infusion

Laura Putnam is the CEO of Motion Infusion, Author of Workplace Wellness That Works, and creator of Managers on the Move. This Stanford graduate has worked with Fortune 500 companies, governmental organizations, and nonprofits with the intention of increasing wellness and well-being in the workplace.

On this episode, Laura explains in great detail how she helps organizations transform wellness programs into more effective plans that enhance engagement and ultimately create a happier workforce. Join us as we discuss well-being in the workplace and how you can improve your office’s environment.


  • Why wellness is Laura’s mission
  • The essence of workplace wellness
  • The definition of an unhealthy workplace
  • Findings of the Rand Corporation study of workplace wellness
  • Elements that enhance workplace wellness
  • The importance of safety
  • Engagement and social well-being
  • Dealing with absenteeism and low emotional well-being
  • How having a positive mindset is a protective factor in workplace wellness
  • The unhealthy trajectory that America is on
  • “Normal” office practices that will increase well-being without affecting budget
  • How to optimize the office environment and culture to enhance well-being
  • Wellness done “to me” vs “for me”
  • Shifting your mindset from “expert” to “agent of change”
  • The responsibility to promote well-being in everything you do


“It’s really about helping human beings to be human beings.” -Laura Putnam

“Millennials have a higher expectation than other generations that the organization that they work for cares about them as an employee…” -Laura Putnam

“It’s normal for managers to hold office hours in which their team members are encourages to come in.” -Laura Putnam


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