Episode 30: Sabina Nawaz, Global CEO Coach and TedX Speaker

Sabina Nawaz is a Global CEO Coach who was employed by Microsoft for over fourteen years, during which time she worked closely with Bill Gates. She advises C-Level Executives, government organizations, non-profits, and academic organizations.

On this episode, Sabina and I discuss how “junk mail” that has accumulated in our brains can be sorted in order to regain confidence and control. We also talk about the misunderstandings surrounding the concept of “empathy”, as well as her leadership program for women called “Ignite”. Join us for a truly interesting discussion about courage, leadership, and morale.


  • The principles of leadership
  • Sabina talks about building her own “courage muscle”
  • The human condition and how it makes us accumulate “junk mail”
  • How to eliminate the junk mail and put in better emotional filters
  • Pausing, naming, and accepting
  • Why difficult situations are often accompanied by loss
  • Preparing leaders for resistance to loss/change
  • The importance of listening without an agenda
  • The “wait” format for conversations
  • Writing for Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Inc.
  • Explaining the goal of “Ignite”
  • The plight of outspoken women
  • Sabina’s book recommendations


“The thing that’s the hardest, in my opinion, is the courage it takes to exercise leadership.” -Sabina Nawaz

“My hope would be to light up nine billion points of courage in the world.” -Sabina Nawaz

“It’s about greater awareness…of the system in which they work…so that they can show up with a clearer sense of purpose and be much more strategic in how they navigate the politics…” -Sabina Nawaz


Sabina’s Website

What Does it Mean to be White? By Robin diAngelo

Tomato Rhapsody by Adam Schell

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami

Ties by Domenico Starnone

Sabina’s TedX Talk

Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter