Episode 31: Justin Bariso, Author of EQ Applied and Inc.com Columnist

Justin Bariso is an Inc.com Columnist and author of EQ Applied, which will be launching this spring. As part of his job as a consultant, he deconstructs the emotional intelligence behind other’s actions.

On this episode, we discuss how emotional intelligence impacts leaders and employees alike; further, we talk about how people can develop emotional intelligence in order to enhance their lives. Join us as we do a deep dive into the importance of emotional intelligence and how to develop a better sense of other people’s needs.


  • How he started his consulting business in Germany
  • Feedback he receives from readers of his website
  • What he writes about and why
  • Learning from other’s mistakes
  • Adjusting your approach for different countries and people
  • Dealing with a manager that never gives positive feedback
  • How to “be the change you want to see”
  • Fighting emotional triggers
  • Three types of empathy


“I define emotional intelligence as making emotions work for you instead of against you.” -Justin Bariso

“It may be different, the way you build trust recruiting…someone that comes from Japan, as opposed to someone that comes from Germany, as opposed to the U.S.” -Justin Bariso

“Just when you think you’re doing good is when you make your biggest mistake.” -Justin Bariso


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