Episode 33: Andy Molinsky, author of Global Dexterity and Reach A New Strategy to Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Rise to the Challenge and Build Confidence

Andy Molinsky is the Author of both Global Dexterity and Reach: A New Strategy to Help You Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone, Rise to the Challenge, and Build Confidence, as well as a Professor at Brandeis International Business School.

In this episode, Andy and I talk about recruiters adapting to interviewees and being able to tap into candidates’ potential to adapt to different organizational and environmental cultures. We also dive into the psychological challenges of dealing with different cultures. Listen in as we discuss this meaty topic!


  • Andy’s dissertation topic and how it relates to his work today
  • Advice for recruiters on how to be more adaptable
  • Getting leverage over culture and cultural differences
  • Focusing on the source of your conviction or goals
  • Adapting to different cultural norms and making it natural for yourself
  • Avoiding stereotyping
  • Finding common ground


“There’s so many examples where culture interferes with the communication pattern.” -Andy Molinsky

“You’ve got regional culture, you’ve got national culture, you’ve got company culture, you’ve got professional culture…then you’ve also got the cultural background of the individuals you are working for or with…” -Andy Molinsky

“Even perhaps more important [than differences], is similarities. I think that’s where your real leverage points are.” -Andy Molinsky


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