Episode 37: Lou Adler, CEO Lou Adler Group and author of Hire With Your Head

Lou Adler is the CEO of the Adler Group, which is a performance-based learning hiring system. He is also the author of two books about recruiting,  Hire with your Head and The Essential Guide for Hiring and Getting Hired.

Today, we discuss what he has gleaned from his forty years of experience in recruiting, how to become a great recruiter, and his winning methodology for finding the right talent. Listen in to hear stellar advice about becoming a skilled recruiter.


  • Why his company embedded the learning process in their program
  • How to remedy organizational problems in terms of recruiting
  • The skills that make a great recruiter
  • Key metrics to use when recruiting
  • How the online learning platform came about
  • Lou’s colorful career history that lead him to recruiting
  • Understanding the process of successful hiring


“We tracked a couple of key metrics. One was percent of people who you contacted who you actually had a conversation with…” -Lou Adler

“I took all of the books and training and learning that I’ve had…and we created an online learning platform…” -Lou Adler

“Why would I ever need more than three to four candidates to make one hire? And if the first one or two aren’t any good, why would I keep on sending out more candidates…?” -Lou Adler


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