Episode 38: Dr. Charles Handler, President of Rocket-Hire

Dr. Charles Handler is the President and Founder of Rocket-Hire. Rocket-Hire is a consulting firm that provides expertise in all areas related to pre-employment screening, testing, and assessment products.

Dr. Handler specializes in creating selective, legally defensible employee selection systems and has used this knowledge to create and enhance Rocket-Hire. He has worked with a variety of organizations and prides himself on using sound science and innovation in order to help these organizations successfully tackle the hiring process.

Join us for a fascinating conversation about the current state of recruitment and where we may be headed in the future.


  • How Dr. Handler moved from Psychology to Recruiting
  • Having self-awareness and emotional control
  • Recent experiences with administering professional evaluations
  • Understanding what human characteristics are useful in a given job or profession
  • Sifting through applicants who aren’t on an extreme end of the hiring spectrum
  • Removing subjectivity from the hiring process
  • His ideas about the future of recruiting


“The business aspect of things really appealed to me, so that’s how I got going.” -Dr. Handler

“We used our instincts and our training to develop a profile; then we get confirmation of that profile with data and numbers.” -Dr. Handler

“I think there’s going to be a point where…[AI] can make better decisions than people can…” -Dr. Handler



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