Episode 4: Dorie Clark Entrepreneurial You

Dorie Clark, author, speaker, and political commentator discusses image and the importance of reinvention; reinvention is key for recruiters in order to generate success in business in this fourth industrial revolution.


Ms. Clark is the author of Reinventing You and Stand Out, conducts speaker sessions at various Ivy League institutions, and is also a political commentator. Listen in as she explains concepts that are important to all recruiters.




  • How important is it for recruiters to reinvent their approach?
  • Three step process to reinvention
  • Auditing your image
  • Monetizing your reinvention
  • Three top tips for recruiters




“That’s so inspiring that he asks directly, ‘how are you reinventing yourself?’” -Dorie Clark


“Reinvention is not a one time process…it is something that, fundamentally, is about how people see you in the world.” -Dorie Clark


“In terms of reinventing you, there is an end goal to it, which is the monetization aspect…” -Caroline Stokes




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