Episode 40: Jeff Haden, author of The Motivation Myth and Top 10 Inc.com contributor

Jeff Haden is the author of The Motivation Myth and Top 10 Inc.com contributor. He is one of my favorite authors and I enjoy reading his work.

On today’s episode, we discuss Jeff’s interesting career path; finding motivation; making plans; and myths and solutions that will help you understand how to move forward in your career. Tune in for a really interesting conversation!


  • Jeff’s early career in Manufacturing
  • Finding the motivation to pursue your goals
  • How people de-motivate themselves
  • Why the 5 year mark is a turning point
  • How to avoid regrets
  • Why whining is a signal to change your process
  • Why a plan is more important than goals


“Motivation isn’t something you get; motivation is something you can actually create…” -Jeff Haden

“Research shows that planning a vacation can be as gratifying for people as actually taking the vacation…” -Jeff Haden

“Inertia is a big part of it: Even if you are unhappy with something, making that change requires some kind of action…” -Jeff Haden


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