Episode 42: Anne Sugar, Harvard Business School Executive Coach, MIT Guest Lecturer

Anne Sugar is a Harvard Business School Executive Coach, MIT guest lecturer, and writer for Harvard Business review. Prior to becoming a coach, Anne worked at Digitas in media planning.

On today’s show, we discuss her career path and how she coaches people to become better, more effective leaders.


  • Anne’s background in advertising
  • Having the perspective of how to spend your client’s money in the most efficient way
  • Why she switched from advertising to business coaching
  • How to self-brand when job hunting
  • Characteristics that define a successful leader
  • Identifying toxic workers
  • The art of listening


“There is a creative aspect to, well ‘how do you reach that target audience?’” -Anne Sugar

“I think there’s a piece of research…that says we all have about five different careers in our lifetime…” -Anne Sugar

“If somebody says, ‘yes, you’ve got the funding’, stop; no more talking.” -Anne Sugar


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