Episode 5: Todd Raphael editor in chief ERE.net

Todd Raphael, whose long career history includes being a lobbyist before working his way in HR, discusses a few different topics, including the current trend of men needing just as much work flexibility as women and the outcome of helicopter parenting.


Mr. Raphael is the editor and chief of ERE.net, a site whose focus is recruiting and HR. Todd also runs ERE’s conferences throughout the year. He has a great deal of insight to share on some often-overlooked topics. Listen in as we dig deep!




  • How Todd made the move from lobbyist, to journalist, to HR
  • Techniques for finding new talent
  • Arguing for/presenting a good candidate
  • The increasing number of men dealing with a work/life balance
  • Millennial challenges vs. universal challenges
  • Helicopter parents and the product they create
  • Companies struggling with diversity of thought
  • Todd’s three tips for recruiters




“I think companies are probably leaving out a lot of people.” -Todd Raphael


“Men are saying…I actually have as much outside-work stuff as my wife.” -Todd Raphael


“I have a problem generalizing anything about a generation.” -Todd Raphael




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