Episode 55: Dr. Nadine Greiner, Executive Coach and Author, Stress-Less Leadership and The Art of Executive Coaching

Dr. Nadine Greiner – or as she likes to be called Dr. Nadine is an executive coach holding a dual PhD. in Organizational Development and Clinical PsychologyDr. Nadine has authored two books, The Art of Executive Coaching and Stress-less Leadership. 

Today, Dr. Nadine takes an in-depth look at workplace stress. She shares some timely and relevant thoughts on the tools, resources, and methods used to support individual and organizational health. 

In this episode, we’ll discuss: 

  • The truth about leadership stress and its impact on both individuals and organizations. 
  • Opportunities to integrate wellbeing and stress management with leadership skills. 
  • How leaders can invigorate the team dynamic. 
  • How to actively retain your highest performers – through preparation and prevention. 
  • The important benefits of coaching preemptively. 
  • Two simple and reliable techniques for becoming more comfortable with change 


Dr. Nadine Greiner:  

“The health of the group is the most important factor in the health of any project, and any organization.” 

“Mental health and organizational health are the same thing. And who we are at home is who we are at work.” 

“Insight does not change behaviour. Research indicates people can have all the tools and insights they want. The only thing that really makes a difference is the desire to change.” 

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