Episode 57: Peter Bregman, Leadership Coach and Author of Emotional Courage

Peter Bregman is author of Leading With Emotional Courage and a leadership consultant working with CEOs and senior leaders for premier organizations. He is a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and The Financial Times.

Today we take a look at how emotional intelligence drives leadership forward, along with some proven, practical strategies for building emotional intelligence individually and in our organizations.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How leading with emotional courage empowers individuals and organizations
  • How to take small risks that will help build your emotional courage muscle.
  • The “future focus” method for initiating feedback, and why it works.
  • How to move a conversation from judgment (uncomfortable) to planning (productive). 
  • The first thing to say when you initiate a difficult conversation.


“Leading with emotional courage is about leading with feeling. … Emotional courage isn’t fluffy. It’s the hardest of hard skills. It’s the underlying skill that drives everything else.”

You can connect with Peter Bregman via Twitter at @peterbregman and on his website at bregmanpartners.com

Peter Bregman’s website

Peter Bregman on twitter

Peter Bregman: Leading With Emotional Courage

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