Episode 6: Raya Bidshahri, Science Journalist, Artificial Intelligence Advisor and Co-Founder of Intelligent Optimism

Raya Bidshahri, co-founder of Intelligent Optimism is on today’s episode to give us all an idea of the future of recruiting and how Artificial Intelligence may or may  not play a part.


Raya is a “science communicator”, who is the co-founder of Intelligent Optimism, a social/social media movement that encourages people to use data rather than emotions when surveying the world around them. Based on this data, Raya believes the world is actually improving. Join us as we discuss Intelligent Optimism and how it relates to the future of recruiting.




  • Explaining Intelligent Optimism
  • The future of recruiting in the era of AI
  • Updating our educational standards and expectations
  • Getting current or older workers to adapt to new industry standards
  • Promoting education and critical thinking with the Dubai Science Festival




“Contary to what most of us would intuitively believe, the world is actually getting better.” -Raya Bidshahri


“Things like creatity, emotional ilteeligence, and analytical thinking are muchm ore difficult to automate.” -Raya Bidshahri


“It’s important to leverage all the digital tools that are accessible.” -Raya Bidshahri




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Singularity Hub

Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter