Episode 60: Chip Massey, former FBI Hostage Negotiator

Chip Massey is a former FBI special agent and crisis negotiator, and now CEO of Plowshare Communications, where he advises business leaders on strategic negotiations and building strong, powerful, trust-based relationships.

Join us as Chip Massey shares an FBI hostage negotiator’s take on the important behaviours and skills that will enable you to forge your most rewarding business—and personal—connections.

In this episode, we will learn: 

  • How to build rapport and trust with empathy.
  • The key techniques that deliver positive outcomes for the FBI—and everyone else.
  • The small shift that will help you move from a sense of dread to a sense of excitement and opportunity.
  • How to deal with intense conflict and quickly defuse the situation.
  • The surest way to improve all conversations and relationships.


“Use empathy. Why? Because it is so efficient. It’s the quickest way to bring someone from a state of crisis, fear, or anxiety and bring them down to a more rational state of mind.”

“Fear makes us feel like we have no good ideas and we’re not important enough to contribute. Fear is always restrictive and will always hem us in. It will always reduce us and make us smaller than who we are. We need to fight through it to become the people we were meant to be.” 

Contact details:

Chip Massey on Twitter

Chip Massey’s website

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