Episode 63: Colin Druhan Executive Director of Pride at Work Canada

Colin Druhan is the Executive Director of Pride at Work Canada, an organization committed to improving workplace inclusiveness and removing employment barriers for LGBTQ2+ people. He has extensive experience building dynamic outreach initiatives to diverse communities and developing new projects in the not-for-profit sector. 

Join us as Mr. Druhan looks at ways any organizational culture can learn to encourage and support a diverse collection of people so they may coalesce and thrive.

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • How organizations can help create space for people to identify authentically in the workplace
  • Actionable tips on removing old processes and systems that are based on outdated assumptions
  • The importance of ensuring everyone has equal opportunity to succeed based on their skills and experience
  • One thoughtful and deliberate question to help you really understand another’s perspective 
  • What employers can do to enhance their commitment to inclusion


“There are people who want the jobs but can’t get through the hiring processes that were designed ages ago, before the respect or acknowledgement of the full breadth of orientations and identities that are present today.”

 “We need to have employers take a look at what systems were based around the assumption that everyone is straight, and become more accommodating to those who don’t fit the mold … We can make sure everyone has equal opportunity to succeed based on their skills and experience, not just who they are.”

You can connect with Colin Druhan at colin.druhan@prideatwork.ca

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Colin Druhan Pride at Work Canada

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Caroline Stokes – The Forward Co.

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