Episode 67: Meliessa Ogrodowski, Director of Learning and Development, Craft Brew Alliance

Meliessa Ogrodowski is a 20-year HR executive and, since 2015, Director of Learning and Development at Craft Brew Alliance, shifting their culture.

Join us as Meliessa and her CBA colleague Andy Edmundson share insider take-aways from CBA’s cultural journey; tips and truths guaranteed to benefit any organization looking to embrace and support organizational change.

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • How to drive transformation and make organizational culture a top priority – and who holds the key
  • Fundamentals for ensuring successful company-wide engagement in a change strategy
  • Effective ways of communicating and reinforcing new cultural norms so that a cultural shift becomes permanent
  • How culture and employee buy-in can become an organization’s competitive advantage


Meliessa Ogrodowski: “It (organizational cultural transformation) needs alignment at the very top. If just the HR dept makes the decision, it’s not enough. It can’t happen in a vacuum. And we attribute our success to the fact that we had a committed executive team and they have not wavered.”

“Cultural transformation takes time. You have to take the long view. Be patient, be steadfast. We posted our best financial performance ever our last two years … and we do believe that culture has made the difference.”

You can connect with Meliessa Ogrodowski on LinkedIn at meliessaogrodowski 

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Meliessa Ogrodowski on LinkedIn

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Caroline Stokes – The Forward Co.

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