Episode 68: Scott Hawthorn, CEO Native Shoes and culture development advocate

Scott Hawthorn is a Vancouver-based creative entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Native Shoes. Active in his community, Scott is also a co-founder and Board member of the Design Build Research Institute, and sits on the Board at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Join us as Scott Hawthorn shares strategies for transitioning an organization to a purpose-driven one: defining the purpose and building the culture of a great organization. 

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • How workplace leaders can lead with a sense of curiosity and possibility
  • How one CEO was motivated to lead a purpose-driven organization, and the positive, aligned corporate culture that followed
  • Keys to finding meaning in the work experience and inspiring a passionate, happier, more engaged workforce
  • How to define your organization’s purpose and attract like-minded talent 


“Culture is an important pillar of the organization. … And an organization built around people who have a shared purpose is much more inspiring and a better, happier place to work.”

“When you are defining your purpose, you have to use understandable language. … Create an understandable language so that people can identify and participate. If it isn’t inclusive and understandable then it doesn’t give people the opportunity to join.”

You can connect with Scott Hawthorn via Instagram at @ScottHawthorn or @cabinoftheunknownmoose 

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