Episode 69: Ron Carucci, CEO of Navalent, and Caroline Stokes, CEO of FORWARD, talk about building an honest organization for the 2020s

Ron Carucci helps CEOs and their stakeholders tackle some of the most complicated transformations across food science innovation, biopharma R+D, Silicon Valley tech start-ups and has helped build leadership pipelines for global Fortune 100 companies.

From working with the US Patent and Trademark Office, Price Waterhouse Coopers, McDonalds, CitiBank, Starbucks and the CIA, Ron is one of the most accessible,  insightful and practical organizational behaviour leaders I’ve had the pleasure to meet and share my conversation with you. 

For the final episode of Season 2, join us whilst we have a discussion about how to approach your organizational transformation with honesty this decade.

To learn more about Ron Carucci, I suggest you head on over to TED to see his talk on Power, or, I suggest hopping along to Harvard Business Review where you can find dozens of leadership thinking articles to transform the way you lead your organization.


On leadership, “If you don’t know what stories they’re telling about you, you should assume they’re probably not flattering. And if people, if on a regular basis, two, three times a week, there are not people in your office comfortably telling you things that are uncomfortable to hear, you can constantly assume that your leadership sucks. If you concluded that no news is good news, that’s even worse. So what narratives are shaping and what data you’re getting are two of the simplest metrics to know on the question, ‘Am I effective?’. 

On hiring,  “I want to know why isn’t the recruiting approach you’re taking, the honest profiling briefing, why isn’t that industry standard? Why is that just not the norm?”

On purpose, “We’re about to launch our 15-year study on organizational honesty and justice and purpose to market. We learned through 3,200 interviews over a 15 year period that we can predict now under what conditions people will behave with justice, honesty and purpose”

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Ted talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v234mvaUQ4o&feature=youtu.be

Caroline Stokes – The Forward Co.

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