Episode 8: Dr Nicole Gravagna, neuroscientist, EQ expert and author of Mindset your Manners and VC for Dummies

Dr. Nicole Gravagna joins me for this episode to discuss the differences between working in a scientific field vs. a “regular” office, hacking emotional pain, and the future of HR as she sees it.


Dr. Gravagna hold a PHD in Neuroscience and developed the Mindset Method of emotional intelligence training. She has contributed to numerous publications including Newsweek, Apple News, and the New York Observer. She currently works as an HR consultant, teaching her Mindset Method.




  • How Neuro EQ got started
  • The Scientist’s code of conduct
  • Dealing with run-of-the-mill pain
  • Hacking the emotional pain threshold
  • The future of HR
  • Three tips for recruiters




“It’s really hard to be successful at that cost of upsetting everyone around you and upsetting yourself.” -Dr. Gravagna


“There’s no way that you’re going to sit there and make a good decision if you’re in emotional pain.” -Dr. Gravagna


“Humans will be honored and valued for their humanness.” -Dr. Gravagna




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