Episode 9: Warren Berger Author of ‘A More Beautiful Question’

Warren Berger is on today’s episode to talk about the ever-changing field of Recruiting and how important it is to adapt and evolve.


Warren Berger is a speaker, author, and “questionologist” who truly believes that knowledge is power; the more you question, the more you learn. His book A More Beautiful Question tackles how businesses and people can ignite change. Join us as we discussed how to be a good “questioner”.




  • Changing up your questions and going off script
  • Working backwards from your end goal
  • How to gauge a candidate’s comfort level with change, adaptability
  • How to be a good “questioner”
  • Getting companies to be comfortable with change




“A master questioner to me is someone who…questions situations very thoroughly and doesn’t rely on assumptions…” -Warren Berger


“What are we doing that’s standard practice that needs to be turned upside down?” -Warren Berger


“You have to be a learner now, no matter what field you’re in.” -Warren Berger




A More Beautiful Question

Inquiry Quotient Quiz

Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter