People Development

Adapting fast in today’s environment wins the day, which is why we focus exclusively on four-month executive coaching engagements incorporating organizational and stakeholder involvement for maximum ROI.

“Working with Caroline is like having your own board of directors in leadership, first-100 days and career transition.”

Jason Vantomme, Principal Data Scientist, Microsoft

01.  Leadership Development

C-level, VPs, Senior Management

Can you recall your most favourite leader? What was it that you liked about them? They seemed to do it so naturally. What was it that gave them that superpower? How did they know how to find the right answers? How did they influence so effortlessly and find solutions?

They would have demonstrated empathy and keen listening skills while also understanding the invisible systems in play. Leadership development isn’t about being better at reading a P&L, it’s about leading teams, anticipating trends and creating a learn-it-all mindset.

Choose between the C-suite Workplace EQ Transformation Certification for an eight-week bootcamp, or a four-month intensive coaching program to sharpen your elite player skills.


02.  Team Coaching

Creative Technical Project + Department Leads

You’re leading the scrum and it’s your job to make the team score. You’re probably working from home for the next 12 months, managing overwhelming challenges, while feeling your entire team’s energy and innovation run at 50%.  Where do you start? What do you need?

Team coaching is a fundamental human requirement. When you understand the human systems and dynamics you, your team, your organization and your customer have created, you can then make a conscious decision to innovate. It’s time to get out of the rut.


03.  HR

HR, Culture + Recruiting

HR and Recruiting get a tremendously bad rap because they’re rarely empowered by the C-suite to create meaningful, progressive systems to impact the organization’s true purpose for today’s society. This is the new culture imperative.

We are in the age of equality and equity reform. HR and recruiting have been conditioned by their leaders’ willful ignorance for decades. Change is coming. Whistle blowing will become the norm. Your company is not untouchable.

We offer the Workplace EQ Transformation Certification Bootcamp or bespoke group coaching engagements to create an inspiring people operations mindset to evolve from systemic behavioural injustices to a vision your organization can be proud of.


04.  One hour of just-in-time coaching

Get a one-hour hit

Power-coaching sessions can provide all the insight and inspiration you need.

Many high-performance leaders simply need a quick check-in to scratch the itch they’re most frustrated with to set them on their way.

No need for a long-term commitment when you just need a thought-partner. This is the speed-coaching hit to identify the challenge and find the way forward.

Ann Dowsett Johnston, psychologist and author of  “Drink”, said: “Deft and deeply perceptive, Caroline helped me focus my mission in a matter of minutes.”


Deft and deeply perceptive, Caroline helped me focus my mission in a matter of minutes.

Ann dowsett johnston
Ann Dowsett Johnston The Recovery Psychotherapist and bestselling author of Drink

Mentoring and advice at its finest.

Daniel Tompkins Scientist, GrowMars

One session with Caroline provided me with more clarity and drive than I had in years. Her feedback was precise and focused, enabling me to move forward with great purpose.

Chloe Giusti Strategy Partner Manager, ID@Xbox, Microsoft

Caroline inspired me to take the leap to level up my business.

Julia Somody Executive Coach and Psychologist

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