New Hire? Onboard Right

New hires or newly promoted internal talent have a critical opportunity to come in strong and co-create a vision with important stakeholders that is crucial to the success of the employee, their team, and the organization as a whole.

This program helps the new hire or promoted leader create the foundation for their most positive impact. Over four months, they work with a coach across stakeholder vision and alignment at key points to help them develop new sustainable norms for innovation and productivity, and avoid the trap of assumptions and returning to “safer habits”. 

At the end of this process, the new hire goes through a 360 to help them identify the next phase of their professional trajectory.

FORWARD’s founder Caroline Stokes received Marshall Goldsmith’s Leading Global Coach Award for the 100-Days Coaching program.

Originally outlined in her book Elephants Before Unicorns (Entrepreneur Press, 2019), the program has been refined and updated for post-Covid and recession mindsets.

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“Caroline has been a great support at a personal and professional level for me and my career not once but twice. After helping me to find my VP Digital Marketing at Spin Master, she was coaching me for 100 days which was fundamental for me as it was the first time working in a toy company (not-so digital gaming), a public corporate company and a North American base. 

She supported me all the way, while not telling me what to do at any time, she guided me to maneuver with all the new challenges I was facing. Sometimes you need someone objective that you can share things with and that can tell you are not crazy, and your decisions seem logical. 

Caroline has a special way of communicating, never pushing but always empathetic that always makes a pleasure to work with her and learn from her.”


“In 2018, Caroline led the ‘New Hire? Get Onboarding Right’ program for my position as HR Manager with the company – a framework we still use four years later!

She continued to foster a successful career transition with 30, 60, and 90 day check-ins. These sessions were a great way to confirm the expectations of my role with the team and helped integrate me into the business smoothly.”


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