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By Caroline Stokes

Elephants Before Unicorns: Emotionally Intelligent HR Strategies To Save Your Company

Published by Entrepreneur Press, Sept 24, 2019

You may believe a unicorn will completely transform your company, product, team, culture, revenue potential, and futureability. (Yes, I made that word up.)

Yet here’s a cold hard truth: unicorns won’t solve the problems that already exist in your business. Before the unicorn can affect change, leadership must confront the company’s elephants…


“Caroline is the ultimate professional and the only one in her league. As a coach she is incredibly effective. She has the ability to deep dive very quickly into the heart of the matter with surgical precision, while being very kind and having a sense of humor about it. As a strategic advisor to HR professionals, her book Elephants Before Unicorns is a must.”

Strategic Transformation Senior Executive,
Google Cloud


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