The Client:

If you’ve heard of Kinetic Sand, Bakugan, Airhogs, Paw Patrol, Meccano and Etch-A-Sketch, then you know Spin Master. What you may not know is that they have a digital division in LA that acquired Toca Boca and have been busy innovating in the augmented reality scene and regularly winning awards at for AirHogs Augmented Reality products.


The Unique Challenge:

We were hired by Spin Master Studios to conduct a search for a VP of Marketing, in Los Angeles. We needed to conduct a local and global search for a strategic and hands-on VP level talent that would naturally unite both toy and digital games to carry through the future vision. But that’s not all, the talent had to have a deep analytical understanding of digital products, with proven experience in acquisition, retention and monetization in mobile or SaaS. The talent would only be considered if they had an MBA, and had the ability to grow and lead teams in various locations. As with all executive hires, technical and culture fit had to be 100% right for the this new and rapidly growing studio. This was going to be a challenging task. Within 3 months of international search, the CEO approved the lead candidate. We completed the engagement with our bespoke 90-days coaching program to enhance transition and integration and have been delighted to observe Spin Master Studio’s awards and acquisitions since.


How It Came Together:

We had a difficult and lengthy search for a key position. What I appreciated most was the depth of FORWARD’s network. They were able to present some outstanding candidates from the four corners of the earth and we were able to close successfully with someone I doubt anyone else would have been able to present.

The hiring manager: VP, Production Spin Master Studios. Los Angeles

FORWARD worked with me through months of interviews, evaluations and tests which kept me interested in the opportunity at all times. FORWARD showcased Spin Master well, which provided me with the confidence to see this was good for my career and that I would be a good fit for Spin Master, too. When offered post-hiring coaching in my first three months, I trusted Caroline to guide me through my first US company based role and to transition successfully from my digital background to a toy company.

The new hire: VP, Digital Marketing Spin Master Studios. Los Angeles
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