Transition Coaching

Layoffs, right-sizing and degrowth strategies will continue in 2023. How are you preparing your leaders and remaining talent to tackle the strategic challenges and economic realities ahead?

People-first organizations choose an ethical approach to managing the transition internally while also saying goodbye to loyal employees.

We offer three ways to help organizations do the right thing:


Catalyst Coach for Leaders Transitioning their Business in our New Era

A lot has changed in a few years, and change will continue. Your leaders need catalyst coaching support to evolve their personal mindset to help bring along the rest of the team into our new reality.

Leaders faced with making cuts will likely experience guilt, regret and anxiety – further impacting their already overburdened mental “workspace”. 

We have a three-month program in which your leaders partner up with a catalyst coach to provide strategic business support to weather the changes ahead. This helps them to pivot their organization to handle layoffs in a humane way while also leading their company and team to successfully solve key people, product and profitability challenges.

This executive coaching program can be taken as a standalone leadership development initiative, or combined with either of the employee outplacement or incumbent vision coaching programs.

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Employee Outplacement Support

We have all heard frequent horror stories about poorly and inhumanely executed layoffs. Ethical and caring organizations choose to provide personalized outplacement career coaching to support staff affected by restructuring. This isn’t only helpful for those who’ve been laid off. Benefits to the company include a more positive employer brand and positive association with the organization. 

Our support service provides a personalized approach to each individual’s needs, helping them create their vision for the future. Across four, one-hour sessions, we cover areas such as: LinkedIn/resume development, job search and connection with the individual’s mental health support.

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Incumbent Vision Coaching

Many leaders are overwhelmed after the stresses of the past few years, and this is affecting their strategic planning and energy to create impact for the road ahead. On top of this, survivor guilt can override logic and reasoning for weeks, if not months. Some may wonder if they’re next in line to be cut and will invest time in seeking new employment.

Our three-month executive coaching program will help your incumbents keep their focus on innovation and productivity to avoid playing out negative narratives and demonstrate your organization’s commitment to investing in their success. A sponsor (hiring manager or VP) will be instrumental to this process.

This program can be taken on a standalone basis or, for best results, combined with the Catalyst Coach package.

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Deft and deeply perceptive, Caroline helped me focus my mission in a matter of minutes.

Ann dowsett johnston
Ann Dowsett Johnston The Recovery Psychotherapist and bestselling author of Drink

Mentoring and advice at its finest.

Daniel Tompkins Scientist, GrowMars

One session with Caroline provided me with more clarity and drive than I had in years. Her feedback was precise and focused, enabling me to move forward with great purpose.

Chloe Giusti Strategy Partner Manager, ID@Xbox, Microsoft

Caroline inspired me to take the leap to level up my business.

Julia Somody Executive Coach and Psychologist

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