The CEO's ESG Catalyst Program

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The Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) movement is becoming an inevitable part of how leaders do business.

We’ve been producing non-sustainable products and services ever since we became addicted to commercialism, globalisation and capitalism – and that can’t continue.

No leader or organization has a golden track record, but we can learn how to adjust. In this era we have to adapt and make the change we want to see in the world to spark a revolutionary new way of creating and consuming products.

The path presents the ESG accountability model – a system that evokes such dramatic change that it elicits the worst possible response from most leaders, as change to an economic system is hard.

But what if there was a better way?
Inspiring change by seeing what needs to be changed for the betterment of all – that is where our future lies.

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Deft and deeply perceptive, Caroline helped me focus my mission in a matter of minutes.

Ann dowsett johnston
Ann Dowsett Johnston The Recovery Psychotherapist and bestselling author of Drink

Mentoring and advice at its finest.

Daniel Tompkins Scientist, GrowMars

One session with Caroline provided me with more clarity and drive than I had in years. Her feedback was precise and focused, enabling me to move forward with great purpose.

Chloe Giusti Strategy Partner Manager, ID@Xbox, Microsoft

Caroline inspired me to take the leap to level up my business.

Julia Somody Executive Coach and Psychologist

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