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Caroline Stokes discusses her book Elephants Before Unicorns on KING 5 New Day Northwest



Employees Come Up With Some of Their Best Ideas During a Holiday Break. Here’s How to Harness That Energy to Kick Off 2024.Entrepreneur



Episode 4, Workplace Emotional Intelligence The EI Guru Podcast


New leaders fail if they don’t listen to their teams. Here’s a month-by-month listening guide for new leaders. Fast Company

New to leadership? Here’s a month-by-month guide to help you on the way – The Sector

Loneliness can derail your career. These 3 techniques help you connect and get back on track Fast Company


Why CEOs Need ‘Love’ For Organizations To Survive Our New Era – Entrepreneur

It is time for the game industry to lead on environmental, social, governance – GamesBeat


How to Overcome the Trauma of Teamwork Psychology Today


Does ChatGPT mean the end of ‘thought leaders’? Fast Company


How young neurodivergent professionals can succeed at work Fast Company

Before Pressing the Layoff Button, Leaders Need to Ask Themselves 1 Question – Then Do These 3 Things Entrepreneur




What to Do When a Direct Report is Bullying You Harvard Business Review

Don’t let the teamwork trauma get you down: Reclaim the joy of great collaborations Ludmila Praslova, Best Work for Your Brain

Want to create a kinder culture at work? Start with this one critical component Shira Miller, Free and Clear


How Bullying Manifests at Work – and How to Stop It Harvard Business Review


Applicant’s Nightmare Interview Story Divides Viewers: ‘How Dare They’ Newsweek


The DeanBeat: How should the game industry deal with the recession? VentureBeat


10 Red Flags to Watch Out for in a Job Interview Harvard Business Review


Free and Clear: Get Unstuck and Live the Life You Want  Shira Miller

Traditional recruiting is broken. Here are 6 ways to reimagine it Fast Company


The Cavalry Isn’t Coming – chapter in “Coach Me! Your Personal Board of Directors: Leadership Advice from the World’s Greatest Coaches,” edited by Jonathan Passmore, Marshall Goldsmith and Brian Underhill

How to Maintain Your Company Culture Past the Startup Stage SUCCESS Magazine

Despite its beautiful Ori games, Moon Studios is called an ‘oppressive’ place to work GamesBeat

The Changing Path to the CEO Seat SHRM

The DeanBeat: Our Metaverse Forum takes a shot at defining the metaverse VentureBeat


5 M&A Integration Trends to Watch in 2022 MergerWare




Emotional intelligence trumps IQ in the workplace – and women often have more of it The Globe And Mail

Neurodivergent people make great leaders, not just employees Fast Company

How to find – and to fight – your brain’s kryptonite. Ludmila Praslova, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, LinkedIn


Creating emotionally intelligent organisations with Caroline Stokes – You Drink – You Learn podcast


How Much Time Can I Take Off Between Jobs? – Harvard Business Review


The trouble with game development – Edge Magazine (subscription required) 

Connecting with Whitney Johnson – Connected, Susan McPherson

Build Your Career with 5 Keys of Emotional Intelligence – Caroline Stokes with Dave Asprey Bulletproof Radio


How to develop your emotional intelligence  Shira Miller


9 Books To Help You Reignite Your Career Entrepreneur


What Can We Learn About Leadership and Accountability from MLB’s Mickey Callaway Debacle?  Entrepreneur


Five ways to uncover the secret rules to succeeding at your workplace  – The Business of Business

A Hire Future Podcast – episode 4 with Caroline Stokes – Interview IA

Walk Outside The Line – LinkedIn LIVE with Mary van de Wiel


4 Ways to Grow Your Self-Awareness – Shira Miller, In Fitness and In Health

“Leadership is about engagement” – Bennett Ink



5 end-of-year career questions you definitely should ask yourself – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

How to get on to the partner track at McKinsey and make millions, according to 3 management-consulting headhunters and a former McKinsey HR manager – Business Insider Prime


How to Tactfully Disagree in a Job Interview – Harvard Business Review

3 Technologies You Can Use to Re-Skill Your Employees – Entrepreneur

How to Commit and Turn ‘Diversity’ into ‘Inclusion’ – Entrepreneur

Managers Share the Lessons They Learned When They First Began to Manage a Team – Thrive Global

After Hours: 3 things to do in November 2019 – BC Business


3 Strategies That Will Keep Your Employees Engaged So They Don’t Jump Ship – Entrepreneur

Recruiting and Retaining Unicorns: Q&A With Caroline Stokes – TD Magazine

Why You Should Ditch the Sandwich Method When You Give Feedback – Entrepreneur

Why It’s Time to Dump Your Outdated and Impersonal Onboarding Process – Entrepreneur

5 little-known tricks that make interview candidates stand out, according to a seasoned headhunter – Business Insider

Elephants Before Unicorns: Emotionally Intelligent HR Strategies to Save Your Company – ROYI Academy

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Hiring for a Job (and How to Fix It) – Entrepreneur

Why Employers Should Be Evaluating the “Emotional Intelligence” of Prospective Hires – CBC Ontario Morning

Failure can boost your career, the key to making a strong argument, and more top insights – LinkedIn Daily Rundown

Elephants Before Unicorns: Emotionally Intelligent HR Strategies to Save Your Company – BIV Today Podcast

Can slowing down my interview process save me time? Elaine Varelas refers to ‘Elephants Before Unicorns’ for advice – Ask the Job Doc,

Getting – and Keeping – the Right People with Caroline Stokes – #181 – The Remarkable Leadership Podcast


Navigating Your Best Leadership Path with EQ – Entrepreneur

I’m an executive headhunter and emotional intelligence expert. Here’s my 3-pronged solution for making salary negotiations easier. – Business Insider

Embarrassment boosts creativity, why crying at work helps us all, and more top insights – LinkedIn Daily Rundown

Elephants, Unicorns, and emotional intelligence in the age of AI – KING 5 New Day Northwest

Elephants Before Unicorns – SecondCity Works, Getting to Yes, And Podcast

Find the Unicorns to Help Your Business Excel – Skip Prichard Leadership Insights

7 Emerging Work Trends You Should Be Paying Attention To – HR People + Strategy

Your Recruiters Don’t Know Their Why – Recruiter

Why Emotionally Intelligent Organizations Should Start with the CEO – Chief Executive Magazine

Soar Past Unfair Hiring Processes! – Career Talk on Sirius XM 132

Elephants Before Unicorns – 680 News

You’re Trusting Your Gut Too Much in the Hiring Process – ERE

Give People Honest Feedback by Hitting Positives and Negatives – Investor’s Business Daily


Are You Wasting Employees’ Talent? Here’s How to Know – Entrepreneur Magazine

The Book Launch Process – Get Published Podcast

Tips to Job Seekers – Mher Mardoyan, Career Coach

Importance of Creating Content – Mher Mardoyan, Career Coach

AI and Future of Work – Mher Mardoyan, Career Coach

Importance of Emotional Intelligence – Mher Mardoyan, Career Coach

Interview Series with Caroline Stokes – Mher Mardoyan, Career Coach


Why Emotional Intelligence Can Make or Break Your Organization – Entrepreneur Magazine

Putting ‘brilliant jerks’ in their place, the problem with self-help hacks, and more top insights – LinkedIn


5 Ways to Give Feedback that Won’t Stunt Creativity – The Predictive Index

How to follow up with a Recruiter (According to 15+ Recruiters) – UpJourney

I’m Too Busy to Have Fun – Thrive Global

5 Meaningful Examples of Emotional Intelligence at Work – Thrive Global


The Lawyer Who Rocks Podcast

Top 4 reasons people quit their jobs, and how to fix them – Tech Republic


If Being a Perfectionist Stresses You Out, Read This – Thrive Global


Book Announcement – Entrepreneur Media

3 big mistakes to avoid in an in-person interview – Tech Republic

How to make a lasting impression in a tech interview: 3 tips – Tech Republic



2018: The Year Artificial And Emotional Intelligence Become A Must For Recruiters – Forbes

Which Women in Recruitment Do You Admire and Why? – The Undercover Recruiter

Caroline Stokes – ERE San Diego 2018

LinkedIn Needs to Up Its Human Game for Recruiters – ERE Recruiting Intelligence

Motivational Monday with Abigale Otchere – TuneIn

Caroline Stokes – YouTube

5 End-of-year to ask yourself to make 2018 even better – Business Insider


Worried About AI Taking Over? Here Are 13 Ways You Can Protect Your Job – Forbes

14 Ways You Can Improve Psychological Safety at Work – Forbes

Why Emotional Intelligence Is the Future of Recruiting – Recruiter

Is Your Favorite Boss Leaving? Seven Ways To Cope – Forbes


What Dorie Clark’s Latest Book Can Teach Coaches About Emotional Intelligence – Forbes


How Journalists Can Evolve Into Human Capital Development – Forbes

How The Unicorn Dinosaur Is Changing The Talent Landscape – Forbes

3 Essential Questions For Choosing Your Graduate Business Degree – Forbes

Lack of ‘vision’ will hobble recruiters in the future – Shortlist

The 10 Most Popular Articles Among Recruiters This Week – LinkedIn


Recruiting Is Broken. That’s Why We Need to Develop Our Own Talent – Recruiting Daily

Which Brands Have Championed Diversity and How? – Undercover Recruiter

How Can You Measure Success on a Diversity Program? – Undercover Recruiter

Creating Job Postings That Attract a Diverse Range of Candidates – Undercover Recruiter

AI And the Reinvention Of Recruiting – Forbes

How Can You Improve Misconceptions About Diversity in an Organisation  – Undercover Recruiter

15 Common Pieces Of Career Advice That Are Actually False – Forbes


18 Ways To Get Better At Working Under Pressure – Forbes

Expert Coaching Tips To Help You Overcome The Fear of Making Decisions – Forbes

How Can Employers Avoid Bias in The Recruitment Process? – Undercover Recruiter

What Are The Benefits of a Diverse Workplace? – Undercover Recruiter


Becoming One Of Tomorrow’s Unicorns In The World Of Artificial Intelligence – Forbes


Why James Comey’s Obsessive Note-Taking Is A Smart Strategy For Surviving Difficult Bosses – Fast Company

What These New Grads Wish They Knew Before Starting Their First Jobs – Fast Company

Why Emotional Intelligence is Key for Project Success – Tech Republic

‘It’s OK, Your Jobs Won’t be Taken by AI’ – Undercover Recruiter


Focal Point: F8 and the Future of VR/AR – The Virtual Report

Recruiter Top 10: Ways to Make Your Job Postings More Engaging – Recruiter

Focal Point: Viveport Subscription – The Virtual Report


Focal Point: Why Is A Higher Percentage of Women Working in VR than Conventional Games? – The Virtual Report

How appreciating your staff is a win:win for all  Undercover Recruiter


Tech talent: How to answer tough interview questions (8 tips) – TechRepublic

Trump Effect: The US is heading for a brain drain – Venturebeat

Technology vs Human in Recruiting – Undercover Recruiter

How to make recent LinkedIn format changes work for your professional brand – LinkedIn


AR and VR Founders survey reveals new trends – Venturebeat

Identify a bad manager before you take the job – DICE

CXO’s: How to find your next leadership job – Tech Republic

Fem karriärrelaterade frågor att ställa dig själv – Monster Sweden

Caroline Stokes at VR Connects – Virtual



What KPI’s Should 3rd Party Recruiters Track – Undercover Recruiter

How To Ask For A Raise – Latina

How To Use Your Office Party To Advance Your Career – Fast Company

The Impact of Trump’s Emotional Intelligence in the world – LinkedIn

5 End of Year Career Questions You Should Definitely Ask Yourself –

13 Things Recruiters MUST Know For 2017 – Undercover Recruiter

17+ Things Recruiters Need To Stop Doing In 2017 – Undercover Recruiter

To be a successful leader, work to improve you EQ – Herald Tribune

Our holiday message. Just for you – LinkedIn Pulse

What to do about the User Acquisition Crisis – LinkedIn Pulse

Algorithms vs Emotional Intelligence – LinkedIn Pulse

13 Recruitment Trends You Must Know For 2017 – The Undercover Recruiter


How Many Times Do You Contact Prospects Before Giving Up – The Undercover Recruiter

Get Used to Feeling Underqualified, Baby – The Undercover Recruiter

Should You Check Business Email Outside Work Hours? – The Undercover Recruiter  

How Do You Negotiate A Payrise? – The Undercover Recruiter

Meet James, Our New Head Of Product – Shotgun Autodesk

Should You Be Facebook Friends With Your Manager? – The Undercover Recruiter

What Career Advice Should You Listen To? – The Undercover Recruiter


Leadership Is About Engagement – The Bennet Link

Former Presidential Advisor, Dorie Clark, Provides Trump and Hillary Tips For First 100 Days – Huffington Post

Why Recruiters Need Emotional Intelligence (Now, Like Never Before) – The Undercover Recruiter

Having A Tough Time Managing Change? Be Inspired By A Quiet Silicon Valley Disruptor – LinkedIn

How The OpenSource Community Will Move HR And Recruitment Forward – LinkedIn

Mobify & Salesforce: The Real-Life Talent Experience With Innovation Leaders – Huffington Post


Why Mentoring Millennial Women Could Be The Key To The C-suite – Forbes

Leaders Share Their CEO Secrets – Huffington Post


Meet Caroline Stokes EQ2.0 for onboarding – Emotional Intelligence Training Company

How to go big in Vancouver (panel / video) – Pocket Gamer Connects (Vancouver)


Handling Weird Or Insulting Questions – DICE


Geena Davis’ Gender Bias: How Media Affects Women In Leadership – Huffington Post

Smart Questions You Should Ask During Every Job Interview – Business News Daily


Human Capital Developers Are The New HR – Undercover Recruiter


ILM Recruiter Joins FORWARD To Lead VR & VFX Recruitment – DigiBC

Women In Games Awards: Meet The Judges – MCV

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