In today’s climate, it is the leadership teams choosing to expedite their transformation that will strengthen their future. It starts at the top.

For the C-suite, FORWARD U’s Workplace EQ Transformation Certification enables the leadership team to demonstrate to employees across their organization that they are driven towards ethical, societal and economic stability.

We do this live, in real-time and online through an 8-week bootcamp with your executive team.

The pinnacle of this bootcamp event is the presentation of the organization’s new manifesto, so the rest of the organization can carry your vision forward.


The Workplace EQ Transformation Certificate

In this bootcamp you will learn, collaborate and execute a new vision for your organization’s employees to carry forward


It’s time for the big reset with your entire C-suite to focus on how to evolve your organization for today’s world, in the Workplace EQ Transformation Certification bootcamp.

The C-suite calls the shots to change the direction of the organization. The elephant in the room is that your employees are waiting for this.

This bootcamp respects your time, knowledge and skillsets and expedites the ideal end result: creating a new company manifesto or organizational operating system that is both relevant and demonstrable by your entire organization.

In this program, you will work with the founder and many Faculty Learning Officers in real-time over eight weeks. 

Every two weeks, we start a new module. This is not a self-paced course that you never complete. The purpose is to guide you through quickly. You’re in the C-suite – you know how to move fast and make things happen. It’s just that you need guidance, support and direction in a short timeline. A two-year course, or an expensive consultancy won’t fulfill your needs right now.

Every week, there are group activities with your team – your cohort. You will complete individual and group assignments, watch videos, complete quizzes, read articles and posts. These are all designed with one core goal in mind: The Capstone, where you deliver a manifesto to your organization that authentically mirrors our new world.

For those who want to be a part of a larger community, you will have access to the Executive Learning Community to share ideas, ask questions and offer solutions. Listening to other companies’ challenges puts your concerns into perspective – or they’ll help you find solutions.

Once the C-suite complete the Workplace EQ Transformation Certification, all participants will be awarded a certificate. Your employees will be proud that they are working for leaders that fit this era.

We hope to see you in class.


Your Workplace EQ Transformation Thinkbook

Start the pre-thinking process to adapt your culture to our new era

Gain a practical understanding of your Workplace Emotional Quotient (EQ) Diagnostic through our Case Study and learn how to transform your organization to move FORWARD into the future.

Let’s Work Together

Our #1 rule: We strive to understand your needs.

We ask a lot of questions. We work well with brains that enjoy a challenge, and are unafraid to go beyond the status quo to find solutions.

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