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Our people live to deliver white-glove, emotionally intelligent leadership searches across creative technology solutions and entertainment industries. Our unique 100-days coaching for all new hires accelerates the success everyone imagined.


Caroline leads a 'talent solutions' firm that is re-thinking what I would normally think of as executive recruiting and coaching.

Don Parker
Don Parker VP, Autodesk

Caroline is a pleasure to work with and an amazing recruiter. We've been working with her on finding our own lead recruiter and she has set the bar even higher for us.

Rob Pardo CEO of Bonfire Studios

It is incumbent on the recruiter to ensure he or she continues to hone those soft skills that a machine cannot duplicate.

Rob Gonzales Senior Recruiter from Tesla, TiVo, Facebook and Google

Executive Search


In 2013, we rebuilt the search model to focus on client vision and the human experience.

Each search is as unique as your aspiration and definition of success. We are hired for those important or impossible searches that your teams are unable to own.

It all starts with the deepest of briefs to understand the leader you need, through to the employer brand attitude we express with target candidates. We share the truth.

We conduct high-touch reporting with both client and candidate.

Once a candidate has been selected, we activate our bespoke reference system and award-winning, post-100 days coaching program so your new hire integrates with your stakeholder team from the beginning.

Learn more about the award-winning process by reading our founder’s business book, “Elephants Before Unicorns” (Entrepreneur Press, 2019).

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Our #1 rule: We strive to understand your needs.

We ask a lot of questions. We work well with brains that enjoy a challenge, and are unafraid to go beyond the status quo to find solutions.

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